10/18/2018 Javier Huayta participated in the 2018 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

10/9/2018 Congratulations to Sahand for having his image selected for the front cover of Lab on a Chip!

09/24/18 San Miguel Lab’s first paper “A microfluidic platform for lifelong high-resolution and high throughput imaging of subtle aging phenotypes in C. elegans” was published on Lab on a Chip.

07/31/18 Yue Lai, a visiting student from China, presented her poster “Labeling multiple C. elegans tissues” at the NC State Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium.

07/11/18 Sahand Saberi presented his research at the Biolunch Seminar Series.

06/18/18 Two Latinx high school students, Carlos and Michael, from the Future Ingenieros Program, spent three days in our lab learning about microfluidics, worms, microscopy and MATLAB.  Online link

02/23/18 Sahand Saberi was awarded 3rd place at the Latin American Student Association Symposium Poster Competition. Congratulations Sahand! 

01/15/18 Congratulations to Sahand for being selected as a finalist for the Praxair Exceptional Teaching Assistant Award!

12/8/17 Two new PhD students, Rita Tejada Vaprio and Victoria Karakis (co-advised with Dr. Rao), are joining our lab. Welcome!

11/7/17 Sahand Saberi successfully defended his Preliminary Examination. Congrats Sahand!

10/29/17 Mohammad Omary and Sean Engels participated in the 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting. Mohammad Omary won 2nd place in the Undergraduate Poster Competition from the Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology Group. Congratulations!







10/22/17 Sahand Saberi participated in the poster session at MicroTas 2017.







10/9/17 Daniel Midkiff successfully defended his Preliminary Examination. Congrats Danny!

08/04/17 Daniel Midkiff participated in NC State’s Genetics Program Fall Retreat 2017.

08/01/17 Mohammad Omary participated in NC State’s 16th Annual Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium.

06/14/17 We held our “Worms and Engineering” workshop with the Juntos Summer Academy! ~90 high-school Latino students learned about microfluidics, picking, microscopes, and circuits.

05/11/17 Daniel Midkiff and Sahand Saberi participated in the poster session at Duke Quantitative Biology Symposium 2017.

04/12/17 Riley Reid and Zack Crawford participated in NC State’s 26th Annual Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium. Riley was selected as Top Presenter. Congratulations!

04/01/17 Sean Engels presented a poster at the 2017 AIChE Southern Student Regional Conference.

12/08/16 Javier Huayta is joining as a graduate student. Welcome!

11/23/16 A new paper is out: Deep phenotyping unveils hidden traits and genetic relations in subtle mutants, published in Nature Communications.

11/14/16 Sean Engels won 2nd place in the Undergraduate Poster Competition from the Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology Group at the AIChE Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Congratulations!

10/03/16 Mohammad Nour is joining as a postdoc. Welcome!